Om Developement Bank Limited has lunched the service of ATM to its valued Customer from the beginning. Customer can enjoy OM Debit Card 24 x7  from more then 700 ATMs and 1000 POS under SCT Network.

We have deployed 8 ATMs at different sites and we are deploying more ATM soon.

Our ATM Locations:

  1. Head Office
  2. Bagar Branch
  3. Amarsingh Branch
  4. Butwal Branch
  5. Lakeside Branch
  6. Fishtail Hospital, Pokhara
  7. Lekhnath Branch
  8. Gorkha Branch
Card Activation: If the customer is using card for the first time it is necessary to activate those cards and PIN no should be changed after card activation.
Information: ‘PIN Change option’ will not be accepted in the following bank ATM terminals.
1 Himalayan Bank Ltd.
2 GlobalIME Bank Ltd.
3 Sunrise Bank Ltd.
4 Bank of Kathmandu Ltd.
5 Civil Bank Ltd.
6 Nabil Bank Ltd.
7 Kist Bank Ltd.
8 Siddhartha Bank Ltd.
9 Machhapuchchhre Bank Ltd.
10 Laxmi Bank Ltd.
11 PNB ATM Terminals (FSS Network. India).
12 BFS Network (Bhutan)